All pedicure services comprise of a minty whirlpool soak. Our pedicures include cuticle care, nail trimming, nail shaping, callus removal, hot towel wraps, a foot massage, and a regular polish of your choice (Additional soak off w/ color gel application: $25). 



A green tea craze exfoliation with refreshing sugar scrub, ended with intensive lotion. It has a superb skin penetrating, moisturizing agents and electrolyte balancing properties.

(35 Mins).



This antioxidant rich pedicure includes sugar scrub and a mask which slows down signs of aging. This is the top of the line therapeutic solution for anyone. The Blue Lagoon includes a paraffin wax and a hot stone massage.

Scent of Choice: Blue Ocean, Lemon Drop, Jasmine (45 Mins).



This is a deluxe pedicure treatment that provides an instant warmth to your legs and feet. Starting off with a fruit wrap, you will absolutely enjoy this pedicure. The Hurricane Punch is paired with a tropical sugar scrub, mask, a paraffin treatment, a hot stone massage, and neck wrap. This pedicure combines all aspects of soothing.

Scent of Choice: Crushed Orange, Raspberry, Cucumber Fizz (50 Mins). 



Enjoy a signature bubbly soak with a coconut oil warmth massage. This pedicure combines specialized Thai reflexology with the well-known iconic style of American nails. Begins with our signature cucumber leg wrap. Includes a rejuvenated mask, paraffin wax, neck wrap, and a hot stone massage.

Scent of Choice: Café, Olive, Mimosa, Lavender, Pearl, Milk & Honey (60 Mins).



Our luxurious, organic pedicure specialty! Starts with a cucumber wrap. Follows with a sugar scrub and a gentle exfoliation. Enjoy our signature Thai reflexology accompanied with a warm neck wrap. This pedicure features a restorative, rehydrating skin mask. It also includes a paraffin wax and a hot stone massage.

Scent of Choice: Lemongrass Green Tea, Mandarin Mango, Charcoal Detox (70 Mins).



The full pedicure experience for the kids. Nothing is better than getting pampered. Receive two designs for an additional $5.

(20 Mins).


All of our manicures are top spa quality. We pride ourselves on making sure your hands look better than they did before. Your nails are completed with your choice of polish.



A green tea craze exfoliation. Restore the skin in your hands to a natural glow. Get your hands and nails looking right. 

(22 Mins).



A luxurious manicure in which the hands are exfoliated with a refreshing sugar scrub. It is paired with a soothing aromatherapy hand mask and a relaxing with a hot stone massage.

Scent of Choice: Lavender, Milk & Honey, Pearl, Mimosa Cucumber (40 Mins). 



An organic craze manicure combines sugar scrub to gently exfoliate, moisturize and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Includes a paraffin wax, a hot massage in which an organic massage cream is used.

Scent of Choice: Lemon Grass & Green Tea, Mandarin Mango, Charcoal Detox (50 Mins).



Something simple and perfect for the little ones. It is a standard manicure that anyone would love.

(15 Min).